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WHO declines to share vaccination data of its staff.

 While we the common people have to prove our vaccination status to avail basic amenities of life and we have to expose our entire medical, family and travel history through vaccine passports/apps, the Lords ruling us love their privacy. Thw WHO has denied sharing vaccination information of its staff calling it 'confidential'. Privacy has become a luxury for the privileged only. Laws have been split into two- one set for the subjects and one set for the rulers. Democracy and freedom have become an illusion....or was it an illusion from the very beginning?  Source:

Saudi Arabia's Tawakkalna App: Complete Subjugation of People through Covid-19 Vaccine Passports.

The horror of Tawakkalna app.  Things you can not do in Saudi without a vaccine passport (the ultra draconian Tawakkalna app) : You can not go to Hajj piligrimage , or umrah  without proof of covid19 vaccine. Can not go to your workplace . Can not apply for job. Can not go to supermarkets or shops. Can not travel. Can not enter restaurants, gyms and other indoor venues. Worse: The app notifies authorities if a group of people assemble at a place. And they will be arrested. If you are an 'anti vaxxer' you will have to face further wrath of the Saudi royal lords. Following the already discussed Chinese Social Credit System, the Saudi state too offers perks and discounts to its good/vaccinated citizens. Despite all this, only 50% of saudis were vaccinated by their rulers. The health ministry has already started to push for third dose of these vaccines ( boostet shots ). Death Booster Shots. It is hard to believe that Saudi state which has the worst human rights record of all t