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Communist Comrade Jacinda.

Comrade Jacinda. Attacking 'capitalism' has become norm of the day. This is a big scam to abolish private property and end of free market as we know it. Its a scheme to end private businesses while the top Globalist-Zionist Billionaires will tie up with Governments (they will become the government) and survive. Many people keep lamenting how 'capitalism' has destroyed everything without realizing that the real culprits are the central banks and the fractional reserve banking. Capitalism without central banks will bring weath and property into the hands of people.  Click Here . World is being pushed from crony capitalism into communism-from one evil to another. This has been the modus operandi of the Globalist-Zionists all along. When the people are fed up with evil system of the globalists, they provide an alternative which is almost always much more worse than the original evil system.  New Zealand's PM openly identifies herself as a socialist. Not only her but her

Armed people will never be enslaved: Brazilian President Bolsonaro.

"I want to arm the people because an armed people can never be ensalved." Says Brazilian President in a closed door  high level meeting with his ministers. The video was released by Supreme Court of Brazil. Apparently mad at the mayors for arresting people that go out for work, the President said, "A shithead mayor does a fucking edict handcuffs and leaves the people inside their homes." " Some crappy ass mayor gives arrest order." "The ministry of justice has to take a stand. You have to take a stand openly 'we wont allow arrests." "All ministers have to take a stand not just ministry of defense." "Why sare they handcuffing people who are going" In a very passionate speech, the president took a very pro people stand. He even expressed anger at governor of Rio, Sao Paulo. "They took advantage of the virus and digging mass graves." "People point finger at me 'I voted for you to take action. I vot

Digital World Currency At Our Thresholds.

The May 8, 2021 edition of The Economist talks about having a Central Bank controlled crypto style digital currency in the near future. Terming it the 'govcoins', the magazine predicts this would happen when there is a disruption of frontier between technology and finacnce. The Economist in fact deviously disrupts the difference between the central bank and government by presenting them as the same entity.  Prediction vs Predictive Programming.  "These 'govcoins' are a new incarnation of money. They promise to make finance work better but also to shift power from individuals to the state, alter geopolitics and change how capital is allocated. They are to be treated with optimism, and humility. "- The Economist . Front cover of 1988 Edition of The Economist.  So, the Globalist NWO mouthpiece tells us to accept a totalitarian dictatorship with humility. The Economist had 'miraculously predicted' coming of a World Currency by 2018. In its September 24,