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Pedophile-Eugenics-Satanist infestation of the US?

Rabbi explains child penis sucking custom after circumcision. Haaretz link

Why most pedophiles are Zionists? For example recently dead, infamous child trafficking kingpin (scapegoat) Jeffrey Epstein.

Wikipedia page of Epstein. 

Epstein was found hanging in his prison cell in US under suspicious circumstances as he had names of biggies in US political and corporate sectors involved in child sex trafficking.

Bill Gates Decades Old Relationship With Jeffery Epstein. 

Bill Gates' relationship with the pedophile ring master Epstein is said to be one of the major reasons for Bill Gates' divorce. According to the Daily Beast, Melinda Gates was very upset with this relationship. In fact Jeffrey Epstein had close links with all the important people of the Tech Syndicates, scientific academia and intelligence agencies. The rabbit hole goes deeper.

Pertinent to note here is the Eugenics link of both these men. Bill Gates is well known for his vaccination, population control and eugenics funding. Jeffrey Epstein too was eugenics enthusiast and wanted to seed humanity with his DNA.

Just like the pizzagate scandal, this scandal too is being pushed into the 'Conspiracy Theory' section, with the corporate media using its full force to protect Bill Gates and other possible pedophiles. But is this a new phenomenon? Certainly not. The Zionists have been using sex trafficking and bribery to hold key people in high positions at ransom from centuries (back then they called themselves illuminati or freemasons or various other secret organizations). They utilize such 'compromised' individuals as and when need arises.

Exchange the term 'International Jewery' with 'Zionists'. 

Now we know that Hollywood which is owned by the Zionists is the point of origin and spread of the global pandemic of immorality and vulgarity. Then came along the pentagon funded (again Zionist controlled) internet and porn industry, which has taken this evil to another level. Back in those days the Zionists were called International jewery but today we know that there are a lot many jews who oppose the evil Zionists and people from other religions also call themselves Zionists. Hence the word 'Zionist' is more appropriate. Because Zionism in itself is a religion, a dark satanic, occult religion which is counterfeit and antithesis to all religions of the world. 


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