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Vaccine Passport, Social Credit System, Digital Money and Total Slavery

Rothschilds and Co want to control how you spend your (electronic) money. 

While the sheeple are busy sesationalizing/indulging covid19 and the 'truthers' are busy fighting the vaccine/covid19 disinformation war, the Rothschilds controlled Bank of England is silently scheming to legally control your money spending power. The Bank is pressing government puppets to make digital money 'programmable' through which the 'issuer' i.e the central banks will decide how you spend your money. They will decide if you are spending money on 'essentials' or not. Since you are a slave, you are not allowed to spend for luxury or leisure. The 'issuer' is not issuing you free money, its your money but they will decide how you will be spending it. Click Here

After getting away with the Covid-19 pogrom, the globalists think now they are ready to officially turn us all into slaves of their financial masters. Frankly speaking, if people do not wake up now, the plan can be easily implemented. Its already too late. Just two steps are remaining to achieve this totalitarian control over people's money:


Companies chipping their employees. 

Microchipping not only enables RF ID, but also adds the person's entire legal documents, bank accounts, hospital/health status, income, job, kids, car details, house details etc into the chip. A person's entire life will be just a scan away. The game becomes clearer when you look at microchipping along with 'Social Credit System'. 

Social Credit System:

Communist China's Social Credit System. 

So basically if you are a 'good citizen' you will be able to enjoy some perks like cheap travel fares, easy home loan or car loan etc. But if you are a 'bad citizen' (example: not taking vaccines, not following rules, 'illegally' protesting against the government etc) and when your Social Credit turns red, you can't travel, you can't eat in a restaurant or attend a party, and can't even use your digital money - worse your digital Mon could be made zero with just a click. So under this scheme, good citizen is nothing but a good slave. 

Social Credit System in Live Action. 

A Step Further With Covid-19 Vaccines and NeuraLink: Total Slavery. 

Cryptocurrency to be linked with body activity data. Click Here.

The Covid-19 vaccines carry nanoparticles in them which settle in our brains and various organs of fhe body. Apart from that, Chemtrails, Nanoparticles added in our foods and drinks also accumulate in our bodies and organs. These nanobots form internal ecosystem while smart fones, CCTVs, Amazon Alexa and other electronic devices will act as external ecosystem of our bodies. 

Combining one's internet activity, internal and external ecosystems; an AI brain (Neuralink technology) will be developed which will be specific to that person. This AI brain will interact with our body data, biometrics and our daily activities and will monitor a person's behavior. Thereby making it possible to control a person's behavior, like when to laugh, when to  be sad, how he should treat his kids and wife etc etc; there is no limit on how much control they can exert on a person's behavior. 

Click Here

If the person's behavior does not match to the rules and regulations, then his Social Credit Score will go down. He will find it costlier to live, harder to earn and buy. Even his bank account could be frozen or made zero. This kind of slavery enslaving entire world populations is unprecedented. Its more than evil. And Vaccine Passports are the first step in this direction. 

It's very important to stop this satanic tyranny from reaching that stage. We need to stop Vaccine Passports for the sake of future generations. Spread awareness among friends and family. Share this message. 


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