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Plastic is Biodegradable. Man is not a threat.

 In 2016, I came across a study by Indian researchers which concluded that most plastic can easily be degraded by bacteria. I always knew this in my heart that plastic is biodegradable because in my childhood days we used to notice plastic bottles thrown in the mud turn to dust in few months. So all this hype of plastic (implying man) being a threat to environment never appealed to me. It always looked like a propaganda even before I knew anything about the Climate Change Hoax.

In October 2018 a young research assistant Morgan Vague gave a Tedx speech about how bacteria can eat away PET plastic (most commonly used plastic). Her research showed that UV light and some pretreatment of the plastic can make it way easier for the bacteria to eat away the plastic.

In 2019 researchers from Stanford found that mealworms could eat away most plastics and their toxic additives (like polystyrene) and still be used as protein rich meal for animals. Eating plastics and other toxins within did not have any effect on the mealworms' body.

With the right pretreatment before disposal and fhe right methods of disposal (some plastics don't get biodegraded in the ocean, some need sun light to be degraded, some need to be dug in a landfill) plastics can be biodegradable within weeks.

Therefore, leaving the specifics to the scientists, its safe to say that plastic is easily biodegradable if properly treated and disposed. We need tighter regulations for the plastic manufacturers and for factory disposal units. Man is part of the environment, that includes his brain and intelligence. We are not above nature. Nature knows how to deal with our wastes.

Media, pharmaceutical industry and petrochemical industry are all owned by the international banking families, who are in turn owned by the asset management firms (Black Rock, Vanguard and State Street). These giant corporations never allow clean technologies like the one we saw in Singapore (above video) where they turn plastic waste to electricity. India too has a similar plant but not so popular. Because these clean alternative sources of energy and recycling plants do not fit into their prime agenda of Depopulation. Keeping climate change hoax alive, scaring the people of imaginary scarcity of 'resources', blaming the population 'explosion' for man made pandemics and thereby justifying destruction of economies and culling of people is the aim of UN Agenda21. This Agenda can not be achieved if there is any kind of technology that purifies the environment and provides cheap fuel. 


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