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Indian Villagers Resist NWO and 5G.

Villagers attack officials who came for forceful vaccination. 

 Unofficial forceful vaccination has been reported from few places in India, where the medical team escorted by the police goes into the villages and forcefully inject the experimental vaccine.

Villager being chased and vaccinated. 

The villagers have seen their near and dear ones die with Covid-19, its vaccines and the 5G towers. 

Villagers say 5 G has killed many. 

A villager says, "Are we here only to carry the bodies of our dead?" 

Villagers organize themselves. 

The above group of villagers formed a political outfit. The village elder is explaining the villagers about Bill Gates, New World Order, Vaccines that are planned for killing, lockdowns that are deviced to destroy middle class and the poor, about Event 201 and how the govt has sold itself to the International mafia. While educated youngsters are busy lining up for the jabs, villagers appear more aware and closer to reality. Hope this happens all over the country and the world. 


  1. I agree 100%. It's time for the people and 'beings' of this place called Earth to take it back. Most all pain and suffering today is via a few groups: religion, economic, politics, and pharma (not to mention who own them).

    We don't NEED 5G, period. It is a WMD.. absolutely, and scientifically proven to destroy life and interfere with all things.

    We, and everything, are frequencies and those in control INTEND to modify us, enslave us and kill us using frequencies. These NEED to go and we've asked nicely. Now, we can no longer turn the other cheek. They have shown they will not stop, so, WE should now start. They understand an 'eye for an eye' and nothing less. They have killed mercilessly and forced many parents to inject poisons into their babies and themselves for far too long.

    Stand up and continue. Heroes DON'T wear masks or believe in any BS propaganda on the idiot box. India was once a GREAT place with knowledgeable people throughout history... how about now? Did the English kill off all the wonder of India--as planned?

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