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Climate Change: A Fraud To Create One World Government.

The scandal is so big, so deep and spans over decades making it really hard to know where to start and how to present it to the people. Lets start with three examples of fear mongering, propaganda and misinformation warfare the satanists wage through Hollywood. 

  • The Matrix: Agent Smith's interrogation of Morpheus. In this scene, agent Smith regurgitates the same Agenda 21 (2030) fake propaganda that 'Humans are like virus' because they replicate and spread everywhere on the land. And that Humans are 'cancer of the planet'. Smith is dead wrong here because the ones who are destroying forests and drying up the water bodies are the corporations not the people. Local poor people actually defend the environment with their lives. Its sadistic cunning trick to blame the poor people for what the 1% rich do. 
  • The Resident Evil: The Final part: The board meeting scene where Dr.Alexander Isaacs (Tyrant) tells the board members that human population is exceeding the limits and consuming the natural resources of the planet. And that sooner or later the world will come to an end. So the Tyrant proposes they end the world on their terms and they get to choose who would live and who would die (actually implying that rich and powerful people like them should live and poor, weak people should die). He says that the infrastructure and natural resources of the world would remain intact and population would die off, giving them a fresh start (Great Reset). Elsewhere in the movie they tell us that Umbrella Corp. had killed 7 billion people (coincidence?) 
  • Avengers Infinity War and End Game: Thanos is on a mission to 'balance' the world because its over populated and would get destroyed if someone didn't restore the balance. Thanos is shown as a lone warrior who sacrifices his beloved daughter and then after his mission is accomplished he destroys the Infinity Stones because they are just a distraction now (how noble of him!). He is shown as a selfless character who is fighting tirelessly to protect the universe and that the 20+ avengers gang up and kill the wounded Thanos when he was a living a simple peaceful life in seclusion after his job was done.
There are so many movies that repeat the same nonsense again and again. The heros never give a befitting response to the 'villains' whose population extermination plans often appear justified and logical in these movies. Thus the message 'overpopulation is going to end the planet' is imprinted in the minds of the people.

Click Here.

Lets see what science tells us about 'Climate Change.' 

The manipulation and corruption of 'Climate Science' looks so very similar to that of 'Medical Science'. The same triad of Corrupt scientists who are on pay role of corporations, Rigged and Paid 'peer reviewed' studies and Media fear mongering woth suppression of science, seems to be common in both the sciences.

  • Antarctica ice is growing not shrinking:
  • Arctic Sea ice is same as in 1940: You can see that this hoax is on from the 1940s. 
  • Contrary to Climate change hoax propagandists, Arctic ice has been thicker than before. Summer temperatures here have been below normal from the past 20 years. (with authentic references). 
  • Dr. Syun Ichi Akasofu of Alaska Arctic Research Center of Alaska noted that the extent of Arctic ice melt in 1920s was greater than today (with far less contribution from human produced CO2) and was followed by a period of thickening. Akasofu called Al Gore's movie 'Science fiction.' Click Here for his interview.
  • NOAA satellite reports show that polar ice caps are somewhat larger than the 30 year average. Click Here.
  • Polar ice caps loss 10% of its size in 2005 compared to the size in 1979, but it soon surpassed the 1979 size by 2012. The temporary loss in polar ice cap size was not significant and it quickly recovered. Proving that its just part of natural cycle in the polar regions. Click Here and Here.
  • Major Greenland glacier is growing not shrinking. Click here.
  • Lies, photoshopped pictures, NASA fakery used for '10 year challenge' regarding shrinking glaciers from 2008 to 2018 was debunked and exposed. Click here.
  • A corrupt scientist who shared pictures of drowning polar bears and said that these bears were drowning because of melting ice caps- was sent on leave and investigated for scientific misconduct. Click Here and Here.
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's fraudulent tampering of statistical data and temperature 'adjustments' to make it look like global temperature if higher now then previous era. Click here.
  • Top 10 lies by Global warming alarmists that may shock you, by James Taylor:
  • 50 years of failed Eco-pocalyptic predictions- by Myron Ebell. A powerful piece with paper clippings and proofs of fraudulent fear mongering 'predictions' by the climate change hoax liars that were proved wrong again and again. Don't miss this. Click Here.
  • "Even the term global warming means nothing unless you give it a time scale. The temperature of Earth has been going up and down from millions of years, if there are extremes it has nothing to do with c02 in the atmosphere. Its not permanent and its not caused by us." - Dr. Leslie Woodcock, NASA scientist.
  • Climatologist Judith Curry resigns over 'Craziness' in field of Climate Science. She is a prominent critic of the dogma that man made climate change is an impeding catastrophe. Click here. She further believes that provoking people to think is much more important than 'peer review.'
  • Critics attack Leonardo DiCaprio for furthering the propaganda of 'Climate change' with his movies and meetings. "Was it Titanic that made him an expert?" they ask. Excellent rebuff by climate change scientists. Must read, Click here.
  • Government fakes data to promote Climate Change Hoax: Click Here
  • US Representative Dana Rohrabacher, a member of Congressional Science Committee had said in 2013, "Global warming is a fraud to create a global government." Click Here.

  • Global warming scam, co2 is rising but temperature isn't rising, its actually cooling. Click Here.

Climate Control Tech:

NASA artificial clouds and rain. 

HAARP and Chem trails. 

HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) in conjunction with Chemtrails (chemicals being sprayed in our skies) can cause draught, floods, heat waves, bush fires and earthquakes. Thats right. HAARP like weather control programs are being developed by Russia, China and few other countries. 

Hugo Chavez blamed HAARP for Haiti Earthquake. 

When high frequency radio waves are sent into the ionosphere, where the nano metalized chemicals (chem trails) are floating, it dries up the sky and clouds, bringing draught in that area. When strategically used to dry nearby areas, it can cause floods in a particular area- water vapour from surrounding dried up clouds would fill up the clouds in a particular area and cause floods there. When the same strong radiowaves are beamed into the earth, it can cause earthquakes too. 

Japanese Finance Minister Shiochi Nagawa had told Forbes' Tokyo chief that Anglo American Oligarchs had threaten him with HAARP earthquakes in Japan, if he didn't handover Japan's banking system to them. Mr. Nagawa was found dead in 2009 in his home. Click Here

Modus operandi
Create draughts, famines, floods, heat waves, forest fires, earthquakes and blame it on 'climate change' and 'overpopulation' to justify the most evil Agenda21 (2030) sustainable development depopulation mass surveillance program. There is no evidence of either overpopulation or global warming due to human carbon dioxide. 

Aim: To achieve UN Agenda21 Sustainable Development-Depopulation-Mass Surveillance Program bring about Global technocratic government. 

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