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5G and Chemtrails: Killing Bees and Birds.

  Bees are intelligent creatures with special navigation skills. They know which flower has nector and they land on it precisely. Recently main stream media has been reporting death of bees and small birds all over the US and Europe "with some unknown disease", desperately trying to imply that the noble creatures were dying of some 'mysterious infection.' The real reasons for death of bees and small birds is 5G, Chemtrails and harmful pesticides. While corporate media and corporate science use all their resources to label it a 'conspiracy theory', There are many accounts of people finding dead bees around 5G towers and total absence of bees/small birds in the vicinity of 5G towers. Bees dying around 5G towers . While pesticides being harmful for bees and birds has been long discussed, the sudden disappearance of birds and insects from vicinities of 5G towers and even 4G towers in cities can not be attributed to pesticides. The wave frequencies of 4G are never

Vaccine Passport, Social Credit System, Digital Money and Total Slavery

Rothschilds and Co want to control how you spend your (electronic) money.  While the sheeple are busy sesationalizing/indulging covid19 and the 'truthers' are busy fighting the vaccine/covid19 disinformation war, the Rothschilds controlled Bank of England is silently scheming to legally control your money spending power. The Bank is pressing government puppets to make digital money 'programmable' through which the 'issuer' i.e the central banks will decide how you spend your money. They will decide if you are spending money on 'essentials' or not. Since you are a slave, you are not allowed to spend for luxury or leisure. The 'issuer' is not issuing you free money, its your money but they will decide how you will be spending it. Click Here .  After getting away with the Covid-19 pogrom, the globalists think now they are ready to officially turn us all into slaves of their financial masters. Frankly speaking, if people do not wake up now, the plan

24th July World Wide Protests Against Covid19 Tyranny.

People all across the world protest against Covid19 conspiracy, lockdowns and vaccine mandates.  Kuwaiti.  Spain.                                     Melbourne.                                     Italy.                                     France.                      7 News- Australia Protests. London Protests Live.  Belfast.  Millions come out in Italy.  Police take part in protest in Italy.  Israel protest on July 24.

Awaken India Movement Speaks After Detention.

  Awaken India Movement  along with Dr. Biswaroop Roy Choudhary have been emerging as a leader in India in the fight against the Globalist Conspiracies that are aiming to bring a World Government (New World Order) by putting an end to Indian sovereignty and Indian constitution. Today they had planned a peaceful protest in Delhi and were detained by the police. Two of its prominent leaders investigative journalist Kapil Bajaj and Dr. Tarun Kothari can be seen in the video below. Kapil Bajaj: Follow Awaken India Movement on Twitter .  Dr. Tarun Kothari: Follow Dr. Tarun Kothari on Twitter .  Spread the word to every nook and corner. This struggle is for our children and future generations.

Plastic is Biodegradable. Man is not a threat.

 In 2016, I came across a study by Indian researchers which concluded that most plastic can easily be degraded by bacteria. I always knew this in my heart that plastic is biodegradable because in my childhood days we used to notice plastic bottles thrown in the mud turn to dust in few months. So all this hype of plastic (implying man) being a threat to environment never appealed to me. It always looked like a propaganda even before I knew anything about the Climate Change Hoax. In October 2018 a young research assistant Morgan Vague gave a Tedx speech about how bacteria can eat away PET plastic (most commonly used plastic). Her research showed that UV light and some pretreatment of the plastic can make it way easier for the bacteria to eat away the plastic. In 2019 researchers from Stanford found that mealworms could eat away most plastics and their toxic additives (like polystyrene) and still be used as protein rich meal for animals. Eating plastics and other toxins within did not

The Nuremberg Code: Its importance in Covid-19 times.

Dear Doctors/Scientists think before 'following orders'.  The 10 Commandments of The Nuremberg Code:  The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This  means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent;  should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without  the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching,  or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient  knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved  as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision. This  latter element requires that before the acceptance of an affirmative decision  by the experimental subject there should be made known to him the nature,  duration, and purpose of the experiment; the method and means by which it is  to be conducted; all inconveniences and hazards reasonably to be expected;  and the effects upon his health or person whi

Mothers Against Mandatory Vaccines. (India).

    Event: Mothers Against Mandatory Vaccines towards health freedom and informed consent to protect children and families. Organized by: Awaken India Movement. Venue : Mumbai Marathi Patrakar Sangh. Mothers from various parts of India and vary walks of life had joined hands to make this event successful in December 2020. Its sad to note that no major news media covered it. Yet the momentum is building slowly but steadily for health freedom. It appears as though things will only change when women, especially mothers come out for their parental rights. Otherwise our children would be vaccinated against parents consent, like its happening in Canada, Australia, US and UK. Where are the parents in these countries? Rise up your voice. Children are our most precious gift from God. Its our duty to protect them. Remember, being lazy and trusting your government blindly for your own convenience is no excuse for neglecting your children and exposing them to highly toxic 'vaccines'. The

Haiti: looted and murdered, again.

 Back in 2010, Hugo Chavez had accused US of causing earthquake in Haiti. Soon after, all the NGOs especially the Clinton foundation and Bill Gates foundation made huge money through the 'donations' they received from all over the world for 'Haiti Aid.' I still remember the never ending ad campaign for 'Aid' in Haiti. Then Bill Clinton sat down with Haiti's then president and formed a committee which oversaw the reconstruction process of Haiti. Most of the construction projects were taken up by the Clintons and their Zionist associates.  The IMF 'approved' 114$ million to Haiti as loan to 'rebuild' Haiti. Most part of this loan would eventually end up in the pockets of Zionist companies who were given various projects by the IHRC (Interim Haiti Recovery Commission) headed by Bill Gates himself and the puppet president of Haiti. Criticisms arose that the IHRC ignored Haiti's best interests and allocation of various programs and projects

Pedophile-Eugenics-Satanist infestation of the US?

Rabbi explains child penis sucking custom after circumcision. Haaretz link .  Why most pedophiles are Zionists? For example recently dead, infamous child trafficking kingpin (scapegoat) Jeffrey Epstein. Wikipedia page of Epstein.  Epstein was found hanging in his prison cell in US under suspicious circumstances as he had names of biggies in US political and corporate sectors involved in child sex trafficking. Bill Gates Decades Old Relationship With Jeffery Epstein.  Bill Gates' relationship with the pedophile ring master Epstein is said to be one of the major reasons for Bill Gates' divorce. According to the Daily Beast, Melinda Gates was very upset with this relationship. In fact Jeffrey Epstein had close links with all the important people of the Tech Syndicates, scientific academia and intelligence agencies . The rabbit hole goes deeper. Pertinent to note here is the Eugenics link of both these men. Bill Gates is well known for his vaccination, population control and eugen

WEF Preparing A Cyber Plandemic And Collapse Of World Economy.

Cyber Plandemic is gonna be worse than Covid plandemic: Satanist Klaus Shwab.  While people are still suffering from the health and economic devastations of Covid-19, while the media is still scaring the hell out of the people, World Economic Forum (WEF-New World Order agency) is planning for a global cyber plandemic which would make Covid-19 plandemic appear pale. Click Here For Cyber Polygon 2021. Describing the Cyber Attack, Kalus Shwab (head of WEF) says it would be a 'frightening scenario' with a Comprehensive cyber attack which would bring a complete halt to the power supply, transportation, hospital services.  Covid-19 would be seen as a small disturbance when compared to this cyber attack.  Then Satanist Klaus threatens people to give up their privacy and freedom in order to strengthen the Cyber Security. Meaning? Digital RF IDs would be brought in. And maybe the end of internet as we know it.  WEF Advertisement About The Coming Cyber Plandemic.  The plan to create a C

Indian Villagers Resist NWO and 5G.

Villagers attack officials who came for forceful vaccination.   Unofficial forceful vaccination has been reported from few places in India, where the medical team escorted by the police goes into the villages and forcefully inject the experimental vaccine. Villager being chased and vaccinated.  Click Here .  The villagers have seen their near and dear ones die with Covid-19, its vaccines and the 5G towers.  Villagers say 5 G has killed many.  A villager says, "Are we here only to carry the bodies of our dead?"  Villagers organize themselves.  The above group of villagers formed a political outfit. The village elder is explaining the villagers about Bill Gates, New World Order, Vaccines that are planned for killing, lockdowns that are deviced to destroy middle class and the poor, about Event 201 and how the govt has sold itself to the International mafia. While educated youngsters are busy lining up for the jabs, villagers appear more aware and closer to reality. Hope this hap

Nigerian Pastor Warns Against Taking Covid-19 Vaccines.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.   Nigerian Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, founder of Believers' LoveWorld Inc. warned Christians not to take the Covid19 vaccines. Pastor Chris is one among the few religious leaders in the world who are engaging the Big Pharmaceutical corporations head on, for the sake of their people. His recent 24 hour prayer session on 25th to 26th June 2021 was attended by around 5 billion people all over the world through TV, Radio and various internet platforms.   Click Here . "Many have sold their conscience."  When people reported of the magnetism in their bodies, after taking the jabs, they sent the 'factcheckers' to deny that it happened at all although there are too many people reporting the same thing. They are denying so many things. They went out to deny (viral spike protein) shedding and shedding is a fact. And that is the reason for the so called new strains. Pfizer's internal documents say that the vaccinated professionals are to be carefu

Satanism, Atheism and Corporate Science: The Real Axis of Evil.

In the medieval ages Christians, Muslims and Jews fought each other to establish their religion in the land or for various other reasons. But most atrocious wars in human history did not happen for religion. The atheist cunningly says that 'religious bigotry' has taken many lives and destroyed science. But what the atheist hides under his sleeve is the fact that two world wars and the atomic bomb attacks and various wars and killings of present day were the direct result of satanism and atheism. The poisoning of our foods, waters and skies; the injection of poisonous materials in new born babies in the name of vaccines; the 'casual sex' concept leading up to the Abortion pandemic, are not caused by any religious bigot but by the atheist corporate 'scientist' on behalf of his satanic master (the banking cabal).  Science is ok. But how about Faith in God?  Hitler by no means was a true Christian. Christianity doesn't teach racism or discrimination. And those w

Singapore To End Covid19 Nonsense.

Singapore is to become the first country to stop counting daily Covid-19 cases and treat it as just another flu. In a joint op-ed written by Finance, Trade and Health Ministers of Singapore, they laid down a road map to bring things back to normal No quarantine for travellers. No daily counting of Covid-19 'positive' cases. No isolation of 'close contacts' of positive cases. Instead of counting case numbers, focus will be on outcomes : How many are very sick, how many need ventilator, how many succumb. Covid-19 may become endemic so we have to live with it. We can't eradicate ir but we can turn it into less threatening like influenza, hand foot and mouth disease, chicken pox etc. and get on with our lives.  There is a catch though. Singapore is relying heavily on vaccine efficiency and vaccine protection against covid19. How successful would be their strategy? We have to wait and see.  The approach looks more or less similar to the Swedish approach. Hope more count

Operation Lock Step: Rockefeller Blue Print of Covid-19 Response.

Recently satanists have been 'predicting' world events quite accurately. We have seen how Bill Gates predicted coronavirus would kill 10 million people in a plandemic. But relatively few people know that Rockefeller too predicted the plandemic, in 2010. Rockefeller foundation even predicted the draconian lockdowns, face masks and restrictions in its 2010 document titles ' Scenarios for the future of technology and International development. '  Then Event 201 was conducted two month before the Covid 19 pandemic was announced, which programmed the world leaders for the coming plandemic and propelled 'Lock Step' into 'Lockdown'.  Operation LockStep

Climate Change: A Fraud To Create One World Government.

The scandal is so big, so deep and spans over decades making it really hard to know where to start and how to present it to the people. Lets start with three examples of fear mongering, propaganda and misinformation warfare the satanists wage through Hollywood.  The Matrix : Agent Smith's interrogation of Morpheus. In this scene, agent Smith regurgitates the same Agenda 21 (2030) fake propaganda that 'Humans are like virus' because they replicate and spread everywhere on the land. And that Humans are 'cancer of the planet'. Smith is dead wrong here because the ones who are destroying forests and drying up the water bodies are the corporations not the people. Local poor people actually defend the environment with their lives. Its sadistic cunning trick to blame the poor people for what the 1% rich do.  The Resident Evil: The Final part: The board meeting scene where Dr.Alexander Isaacs (Tyrant) tells the board members that human population is exceeding the limits and

Covid-19 Vaccine Injury Victims Speak Out.

NewsNow Program from FOX.  Notice that both the victims say that they are 'pro science' and 'pro vaccine'. Another example of how people perceive 'vaccines' as 'science' these days.   Both complain neurological problems like tremors. The 12 year girl who participated in Pfizer trail has paralysis in lower part of the body, urinary bladder problems and she had to be fed through an NGT. Notice the mother of the child saying, "she did the right thing to help everybody, but now no one is helping her. ' To what degree mainstream media has brainwashed the people.  Man sends an emotional message after aunt gets blood clots in brain.  Husband and Son both Hospitalized. Click Here. 

Man becomes Blind after Covid-19 vaccination in India.

Click Here For Tweet Origin.  Wife is a man who became blind after taking the Covid-19 vaccination has approached the Allahabad High Court for compensation. The court directed the woman to approach the District Magistrate with approximate medic reports within one week and asked the District Magistrate to decide on the matter in accordance with law. Copy of the Order.  Getting an appropriate medic report might be the hardest part of it all, as the medical establishment is extremely prejudiced towards 'Vaccine Adverse Effects' complaints. First think that comes to their mind is, 'no evidence that it was caused by the vaccine.' Lets hope for the best for the victim and his family.