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World Economic Forum: By 2030 you will own NOTHING, but you will be Happy.

Now do you understand why Bill Gates and Zuckerberg want to give away their properties and shares to charity? Firstly because it never belonged to them individually, it was given to them by their secret masters. Do you seriously think that Bill Gates is capable of creating and maintaining Microsoft nor Zuckerberg created Facebook. Its just a sham. They are promising you to give up your properties and rights.

8 Satanic 'predictions' of WEF. 

Comments on WEF 'Predictions' :

  1. "You will own nothing and you'll be happy?" Is this some kind of hypnosis? And the guy smiling like a psycho symbolizes the elite laughing at tje stupid sheep. 
  2. "Whatever you want you will rent?" You mean have to pay fees or tax to use toothbrush everyday? Because we don't own it? Why does drone have to deliver it? To remind us that big brother is watching? 
  3. "The US won't be the world's leading superpower." That's the dream come true for the globalists. Defaming and breaking the US has always been top priority of the elite. 
  4. "Handful of countries will dominate." I can only identify American, Israeli and Turkish flags. I think this is important to understand the current geopolitics. (someone please leave a comment about the flags). 
  5. "You won't die waiting for an organ donar." People dying of lack of organ donar are drop in the ocean when compared to people dying of starvation and poverty. Why not address poverty? Oh right you don't like poor people. I guess the poor would have been exterminated by 2030.
  6. " You will eat much less meat. An occasional treat, not a staple. For the good of the environment and our health." Sounds like a command rather than a 'prediction'. So what happens if someone wants to eat more meat? Will he be taxed the hell out of his digital money or will he go to jail? So the elite would be controlling people's food habits too?
  7. " A billion people will be displace by climate change." Of course, none of these Sustainable Development goals could be met without creating a fake climate change using HAARP technology and chemtrails. The media will play crying wolf; FEMA and other disaster management agency will grab our lands and shift us to safety. We know the drill. 
  8. "We'll have to do better job at welcoming and integrating the refugees." Yes, the people will be concentrated into 'green zones' smarty cities with 24/7 surveillance. Other places would be declared 'uninhabitable'. Lot of people would be forcefully integrated into these 'smart cities'. The locals should shutup and welcome them.
Can't you really make out what they really mean? The cruel intentions behind the soft music and pleasant words, can't you see it? Wake up. What kind of satanic programming is going on here? 


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