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Indian Yoga Guru Takes On Big Pharma: Says 10k Doctors Died After Taking Covid19 Vaccines.

World famous Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev has been at loggerheads with the International Big Pharma mafia for a long time now, but this tussle has intensified since the Covi19 pandemic. Few days back a video of Baba Ramdev had gone viral where he was seen criticizing and making fun of Doctors and Allopathy regarding their handling of Covid19 pandemic. He pointed out how people were dying with wrong drugs, wrong dosages and the trail and error kind of treatment being given to Covid19 patients in hospitals. The Indian Medical Association came down heavily on Ramdev, lodging a defamation case against him and demanded that he apologize. Later on the request (or pressure?) of Health Minister of India, Ramdev retracted his speech but he shot an open letter to IMA, with 25 questions.

  • Does allopathy have any cure for Hypertension or its complications? 
  • Is there any permanent cure for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes in Allopathy?
  • Does the Pharma Industry have any specific solution for problems like Thyroid, Arthritis and Asthma?
  • Does Allopathy have any medicine to cure Fatty liver, Liver Cirrhosis and Hepatitis? Just like you found a cure for T.B, have you found any cure for liver disorders? It has been 200 years since Allopathy was first introduced. So tell us.
  • Does Pharma Industry have any solution to reverse Heart blocks, without bypass or angioplasty?
  • Does the Pharma Industry have any specific solution for Enlarged Heart and low Ejection Fraction (without instilling a pacemaker)? Can you reverse the enlargement and bring it back to normal size and improve the ejection fraction without pacemaker?
  • What is the treatment in Allopathy for reducing cholesterol and triglycerides, without having any side effects on the Liver?
  • Is there any permanent solution for headaches and migraine in Allopathy?
  • Does Pharma Industry have a guideline by which patient can get rid of eye glasses (eye sight) and get rid of hearing aids?
  • Is there any specific drug for Pyorrhea (inflammation of gums) so that teeth tighten up and gums become strong? Millions are suffering from this problem.
  • Does the Pharma Industry have any drug which can reduce the body weight of a person by 0.5 to 1 kg per day, without any kind of surgical intervention?
  • Is there any specific cure for Psoriasis, Psoriatic arthritis and Vitiligo?
  • What is the permanent solution for Ankylosing Spondylosis? How to turn RA factor positive to negative?
  • Does Allopathy have a permanent solution for Parkinson's disease?
  • Does the Pharma Industry have a side effects free, permanent solution for dyspepsia, gas and acidity?
  • Is there any permanent solution for Insomnia in Allopathy? Also these patients cant sleep more than 4 to 6 hours with Allopathic medicines as the duration of action of these drugs is 4 to 6 hours only.
  • Does Pharma Industry have any medicine to reduce stress hormones and increase good or happy hormones? So that the person can be happy and stress free?
  • Is there any drug in Allopathy for infertility other than artificial fertilization methods (IVF or test tube baby etc)? As these methods are very painful.
  • Is there any specific drug in Allopathy that can reverse ageing process?
  • If a person is violent, cruel and beast like, is there any medicine in Allopathy that can make him a kind human being?
  • Is there any drug in Allopathy that can cure drug addiction or alcohol addiction?
  • Does the Pharma Industry have any drug to end the quarrel between Allopathy and Ayurveda?
  • Can the Pharma Industry suggest a method through which we can increase oxygen content in a Covid19 patient, without external oxygen supply using an Oxygen cylinder?
  • If Allopathy is all powerful and the best, then at least Allopathic Doctors should never fall sick.


  • A girl relates her father's story about how he was able to increase his oxygen saturation from 80/85 to 95+ in 3 to 4 days, through Yoga Breathing Exercises (anulom vilom). She says her father refused to go to the hospital even after many friends and relatives forced him to.
  • Baba Ramdev laughs and says, 'what would happen if he had gone to a hospital? where would he land if he had gone to a hospital?' Then he says "More than 10,000 Doctors have died after taking Covid19 vaccines."


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