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World Economic Forum: By 2030 you will own NOTHING, but you will be Happy.

Now do you understand why Bill Gates and Zuckerberg want to give away their properties and shares to charity? Firstly because it never belonged to them individually, it was given to them by their secret masters. Do you seriously think that Bill Gates is capable of creating and maintaining Microsoft nor Zuckerberg created Facebook. Its just a sham. They are promising you to give up your properties and rights. 8 Satanic 'predictions' of WEF.  Comments on WEF 'Predictions' : "You will own nothing and you'll be happy?" Is this some kind of hypnosis? And the guy smiling like a psycho symbolizes the elite laughing at tje stupid sheep.  "Whatever you want you will rent?" You mean have to pay fees or tax to use toothbrush everyday? Because we don't own it? Why does drone have to deliver it? To remind us that big brother is watching?  "The US won't be the world's leading superpower." That's the dream come true for the globalists.

Biden and Kamala harris involved in child trafficking?

 Child abduction and detentions which were stopped by Trump, have increased under Biden. These migrant children are flown to secret unidentified detentions centers. Human Rights Activists term this a grave humanitarian crisis. This whole fiasco has raised the storm of ' Adrenochrome' conspiracies .   Sad plight of the migrant children.  More details at:

Overpopulation Hoax: The Achilles' Heel of The Satanic Agenda21.

Click Here . The entire concept of UN Agenda21 Sustainable Development Depopulation and 24/7 Surveillance Program was placed mainly on two pillars. Overpopulation hoax is the principal justification for this satanic Agenda. Climate change hoax being the second pillar. If you can disprove overpopulation, you automatically disprove climate change hoax. In the name of 'carbon emissions', they want to ultimately tax the food you eat, water your drink and the air you breathe. The philosophy behind UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development is the total antithesis to Religion. Religion teaches us that God is the sustainer, He provides for our needs and He provides every creature, not just humans. There is no scarcity of food, land, oil or any other natural resource on earth, even though human populations cross 10 billion mark. This can and was proved repeatedly over last few decades, but it just did not get the publicity from the satanic media. Theories like Overpopulation and Climate ch

Finnish MP Warns Fellow MPs: You might be part of an ongoing Genocide. .

  9 June 2021, Helsinki, Finland: Speaking at the floor of Finnish parliament, MP Ano Turtiainen said that in violation of the Nuremberg Code , the Finnish people have not been informed that the Covid-19 vaccination program is a human experiment. And that its results are terrible. He reminds the members of the parliament about the failed Swineflu vaccine ' Pandemrix' program which was stopped because of side effects and deaths which were far less compared to what we see today with the Covid-19 experimental vaccines. Mr. Turtiainen said, "How many more people have to get injured or die beg we interrupt this killing of people?" And further added, "If you still continue misleading our citizens by telling them for example 'vaccines are safe and have marketing license', you are intentionally involved in several crimes, the most serious of these may be Genocide . Once again, I remind everyone here: A crime becomes intentional when it is committed knowingly.&q

Lockdowns, Restrictions, Waves and Variants- Not For The Elite.

Recently UK's Media Minister John Whittingdale had said, "Quarantine rules do not apply to important people." To which the news anchor Kay Burley responded, "Are you saying that people who want to go on a holiday are not important?" Click Here . Its funny because Kay Burley had been suspended for 6 months for breaking lockdown rules for her Birthday party in December 2020. Click Here . Face Masks and Social Distancing? Not for them.  Few days back UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock was caught kissing his girlfriend at work place (both are married separately and have children) in violation of Covid-19 restrictions. He apologized to the people after those kissing pictures were published in a news paper. Mr. Hancock, who runs a Genome Maping company, was one of the strongest advocate and the driving force for 'strict covid19 restrictions' and lockdowns. He had once even gone to the extent of telling people not to hug their own family members. It seems that

Lisbon Court: Only 0.9% of the Verified Cases (by the government) Died of Covid-19.

  Responding to a popular citizen's petition, a Lisbon Court ordered the Justice Dept. to provide the required data. According to the Ruling , only 0.9%, i.e 152 people had actually died of Covid-19 out of the 17,000 deaths which the government earlier said were because of Covid-19. The others had died of various other reasons and had PCR test positive at the time of death.  Responding to the ruling, said, "This is a fraud of unprecedented dimensions." And further added, "If these figures are of same order of magnitude for other countries as well..... then this is a deception of unprecedented proportions and crimes committed against humanity on a large scale." More at: America's Frontline Doctors . .

Antivirus Entrepreneur John McAfee Dead: Suicide or Hit?

Some 20 years ago McAfee used to be one of the 'free' antivirus software which was considered reliable in India. In fact it was the world's first commercial anti-virus and John McAfee is known as the 'Father of Antivirus'. Now to see the creator of this software, John McAfee, die in such loneliness and misery doesn't feel right. Circumstances of his death are suspicious and are being widely discussed on the social media. One of his old tweets has resurfaced where he had declared that if he commits suicide, it would not be a suicide but that he would have got 'whackd.' By this did he mean that he was being cornered and forced to end his life or did he mean that he would be murdered? He was detailed in Barcelona last October while travelling on a British passport. He had been at loggerheads with US government on a number of issues, including his criticism of the ' deep state ' in the US. McAfee released this video on 'Deep State' few months

Video: Ugandans Catch Fake Covid19 Funeral By Government.

 A funeral was being conducted by government, with the staff wearing fully covered PPE. The locals got suspicious about the funeral and demanded that the coffin be opened. When they did, they found a dummy made of grass and covered with cloth. If this can happen in Uganda, I bet many fake funerals like these would have happened in US and Europe. 

Video: Held Against Will: Dangers of False Positive.

 This lady tested negative when she took the flight in her country, but tested positive when she landed in Dublin. She was sent into forced quarantine at a hotel from the airport. She doesn't have money to pay for the hotel rent also. Listen to her sad plight. This is yet another dangerous consequence of the covid19 RT PCR test which is highly unreliable with its high false positives and false negatives.

Video: French President Macron Slapped.

Two weeks ago Macron was slapped in face by a protestor at Valence. Two days ago he was slapped by the people politically by abstaining from local elections. While puppets have to face the public heat, puppet masters never come out and neither does the public understand that their 'president' is just an actor. 

Simple logic the 'Vaxxed' fail to understand.

Magnetism in Indian House wife post Covid19 Vaccination.

 Thanks to the Plandemic, 'conspiracy theorists' are becoming mainstream now. For example this lady. Does she look like a 'conspiracy theorist' to you? She probably doesn't know anything about politics. She is typical Indian house wife. Someone told her that she had applied glue or maybe fones are sticking on to her arm because of 'sweat'. So she cleans her arm with soap and guess what, the mobiles still stick to her arm. What answer do the vaxxers and their masters have? You can't label her as 'conspiracy theorist'. To know more about this phenomenon, visit our post on magnetofection. CLICK HERE . 

Illuminati Symbolism of the 'Build Back Better' Slogan.

Leaders of various countries chanting the slogan.  'Build Back Better' is the new slogan of illuminati New World Order puppets who 'act' as Presidents, Prime Ministers and Statesmen of various nations. They supposedly mean to say that post Covid19 pandemic, we all need to built back our world better than before. Is that all? You would be gravely mistaken if you go by their appearances and face values. How come ALL the leaders of important countries in the world chant the same slogan? As if someone is directing them from behind the scenes. We know that Illuminati - Freemasonry puts lot of importance in Symbols, Numbers, Drawings, Carvings etc. Symbolism and numerology have deep rooted origins in the code language of the 'elite'. They speak to us on our faces but we fail to understand their language. Decoding 'Build Back Better.'  If you decode 'Build Back Better' with the numerology chart and sum up the numbers, you will get a final number of 5

Indian Yoga Guru Takes On Big Pharma: Says 10k Doctors Died After Taking Covid19 Vaccines.

World famous Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev has been at loggerheads with the International Big Pharma mafia for a long time now, but this tussle has intensified since the Covi19 pandemic. Few days back a video of Baba Ramdev had gone viral where he was seen criticizing and making fun of Doctors and Allopathy regarding their handling of Covid19 pandemic. He pointed out how people were dying with wrong drugs, wrong dosages and the trail and error kind of treatment being given to Covid19 patients in hospitals. The Indian Medical Association came down heavily on Ramdev, lodging a defamation case against him and demanded that he apologize. Later on the request (or pressure?) of Health Minister of India, Ramdev retracted his speech but he shot an open letter to IMA, with 25 questions. Does allopathy have any cure for Hypertension or its complications?  Is there any permanent cure for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes in Allopathy? Does the Pharma Industry have any specific solution for problems like Thyroi

Boris Johnson: 'You can't hide from Google.'

Below is Prime Minister of UK, Mr. Boris Johnson's chilling speech at UN General Assembly 2019 where he hints at Hollywood style post apocalyptic dystopian society, where a few rich and powerful elites would rule the rest of the planet with AI and Robots.  Firstly, No Mr. Prime Minister, vaccines are not whole and absolute science. Many scientists, doctos and researchers have pointed out the fact that small pox vaccines were introduced right at the time when small pox was vanishing from the face of earth (due to improvement in heath standards and lifestyles etc). There are other branches of health sciences which are curing a whole wide range of sicknesses from infectious diseases to chronic diseases to cancer. Yes, they are 'curing' not 'managing' diseases like Modern Medicine (Allopathy) does. Systematic suppression of other branches of Health Sciences, cutting off their funding, maligning their research by the Pharma Mafia and their Media has lead to a monopoly in

Saudi's Neom: A Prototype Dystopian 'Smart City' of the UN Agenda 21.

In January 2021, Saudi's Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman announced 'The Line' city project of Neom , which was pretty much a propaganda video promoting the concept of 'Sustainable Development'. The man who was accused of brutally murdering journalist Jamal Khashoggi at Saudi embassy in Istanbul and involved in numerous human rights violations in his kingdom, talks about humanity, environment, 'zero carbon emissions' and what not. At the official website of Neom, they tell us that contemporary cities are unable to cope up with population and pollution, therefore for the sake of 'sustainable development' wherein 'man and environment' can 'coexist' together cities like Neom are necessary. Saudi Crown Prince announces Line Project in Neom. Undoubtedly Neom has 'UN Agenda 21' written all over it. The description of Neom exactly fits with that of 'Smart Cities' of Agenda 21 Sustainable Development- a dystopian world where f

Golfer John Rahm Forced Out For Testing Positive For Covid19- He took the shots.

A new sort of discrimination and bullying has started. Players are being ordered to forfeit their matches based on highly false 'Covid19 test' which tested positive in jackfruit and oil. Moreover John had already taken the shots!! But now the main stream media is busy spinning the entire thing by saying 'oh John made a mistake, he took his shots late .' Is there no end to this Tyranny? Can't people see right from wrong anymore? What is this addiction with mainstream media if not mind control? 

Beta Testing Machine Masters.

 This video is from last year's lockdown from Tunisia. Watch how the pet robot terrorizes the woman passing by. And how the woman has to show her 'papers' to the pet robot which is being remotely operated by the police. This is the future they want for common man.

BBC Radio Presenter Dead After Astrazeneca Experimental Shots.

Award winning BBC Radio Presenter, Lisa Shaw died of Blood clots on 27th May 2021. As usual the Media and Medical Authorities have said that 'its too early' to tell the cause of death and that Astrazeneca would 'look into it.' Source: They keep telling us that these 'uncommon' adverse affects are 'extremely rare' but youngsters and healthy middle agers keep dying so often with clots and heart attacks. You can not call this 'rare'? Did the BBC do a prime time show about this? No. Learn a lesson from this mainstream 'reporters' - your life is worthless for your bosses, you are nothing more than a cock roach or centipede for them. Open your eyes and stay alive for your families. 

Jason Mamoa (Aquaman hero) caught in Pedophilic Act.

  Living up to Hollywood's brand image of Pedophilia, narcotics, addictions and psychiatric problems, Aquaman 'hero' Jason Momoa was caught on tape in a pedophile act. Placing his hand right in the center of the child's chest, Momoa tried to grop her and the girl was taken aback and shrugged his arm off. What's more, instead of feeling ashamed, Mr. Momoa has threatened to sue the Brazilian girl's father for sharing the video online and called him a Human Garbage . The tense embarrassment in his face when the girl shrugs him off says it all. I can say most of the Hollywood, if not entire of it, is standing with him for moral support. These pigs should not be role models for our kids. Parents should wake up and take care of their children.  [Note: I couldn't find 'Jason Momoa Pedophile' on Google Search, so I made this post. It should enter at least in image search. It should not be forgotten]. 

Rob Schneider Blasts Pharma Industry and Government Health Mandates

  Hollywood Actor Rob Schneider talks about Parental Rights and that government has no business to mandate what we do to our bodies or about our children's health. He further added that Doctors are not neutral and they side with the pharmaceutical industry. On his Twitter account, Rob blasted the tech giants Facebook, Twitter and Instagram of silencing opposing views and hiding facts from people. [Note how many times the daily mail news article mentions Rob has 775k Twitter followers. So worried? Well what about the billions of people mainstream media brainwashes with lies everyday?] 

Rick wiles: I Will Survive the Genocide.

 Rick wiles, founder of Tru News and a Pastor has said he will never gonna get vaccinated and will survive the mass genocide being planned out for the world. He further said, he doesn't care about deplatfoming or any kind of articles they write about him.  Rick recently recovered from an Covid-19 infection. 

Dr. Pierre Gilbert (1995) about Forced Vaccinations and Mind Control Vaccines.

  Dr. Pierre Gilbert,  a Quebec doctor, talks about intentional infections, forced vaccinations, liquid crystals landing in brain and mind control through these vaccines. This was way back in 1995.  Watch : Also Watch: LNPs, Transhumanism, Gene editing and the Experimental Covid19 Vaccines.