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Medical Freedom March: Videos.

People all over Europe came out on streets on 29/05/2021, flouting the Covid19 pandemic restrictions and demanding for their 'freedom'. Almost all major cities in Europe had demonstrators asking for end of 'Pharma Tyranny' and 'forced medical treatments', especially vaccinations. People asked the authorities to stop fear mongering and lying to the public on behalf of corporate interests. An ominous silence was conspicuous on part of BBC and other mainstream media. Even though the demonstrators were around a million in London alone, not even a courtesy mention was to be found in mainstream print or web media.  Below of some videos from the 29/05/2021 demonstrations in London and other major cities of Europe. KIDS ARE NOT LAB RATS.  London London London Palestinian Flag Raised by Protestors.  BBC office under tight security. Italy France Nuns Supporting the Protestors in London. Switzerland Palestinian Flag Raised by the Protestors. Canada Speech Against Bill Gate

The Gates Tentacles: Global Health Take Over By Private Groups.

Bill Gates makes Billions through Vaccines and yet he projects himself as a generous philanthropist working for the good health of the poor and the down trodden in the world. In fact Bill Gates is a face of the Agenda 2021 (now 2030) Public-Private 'Partnership'. Where, a giant Private Group will join a Government program, by doing so, it will get funds from government sector and the license to suppress other competitors in that particular field. While the Private group provides its 'expertise' and some funds as well, the real agenda here is to take control of the entire Public Project itself or at least manipulate and maneuver it in favor of the Private entity. That is what Bill Gates does.   The so called Philanthropist Non Profit Organizations receive huge funds from other Billionaires who dump some of their black money into them. Moreover these organizations get hug tax exemptions saving millions of dollars each year. So money comes in through various routes and the

Norman Finkelstein to Zionist girl: Stop your Crocodile Tears.

 Norman Finkelstein is an American Political Scientist, activist and Professor. During the question and answer session with the audience after his speed at the University of Waterloo, a Zionist Jewish girl breaks down crying. And Mr. Finkelstein reacts with determination. Must watch video.

Plandemic Movie.

When you try to search about 'Plandemic' you will find vehement attack on it right from the Google search itself. With articles calling it a hoax to those character assassinating Judy Michovitz or the insane 'Fact Check' articles will pop up. If you share it on Facebook, your account maybe banned and your video will be deleted from YouTube.  CLICK HERE for full documentary.  One of the aftermaths of Covid19 is the AI lead attack on free speech. Google, YouTube, Facebook AI algorithms have been fed into these sites and the moment you talk against vaccines or bill gates or any idea that opposes the official narrative of covid19 will be downgraded by the search engines and servers. In this documentary Judy Michovitz talk about her persecution for standing up against the likes of Anthony Fauci. Watch and share.   

USS Liberty: Israel attacks America.

  This is the first post in this Conspiracy Reality blog and what can be more suitable than USS Liberty attack? Date : 1967, June 8. Event : 34 Americans Soldiers were killed and 174 were wounded in a brutal attack on USS Liberty by Israeli airforce and Navy. USS Liberty tried to contact through Radio for help but Israeli airforce blocked the transmission. On multiple attempts, USS Liberty was able to contact Saratoga. 12 fighter jets and 4 tanker planes were dispatched to defend ISS Liberty. But Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara ordered the jets to return to the carrier. Those jets could never reach USS Liberty. Israeli jets and attack ships bombarded USS Liberty but were unable to sink it. USS Liberty was able to limp its way to safety. Were Israelis mistaken? No. USS Liberty had a huge flag on it and well marked with US Symbols. The survivors testified that the Israelis were waving them and they waved back, indicating that they identified each other. Result : US and Israel set u