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Old Video of Fauci and co discussing ways to conduct mass vaccinations without trails.

  2019: Evidence that The Sinister Dr Fauci and his cadre of medical Scientism maximalists were trying to game their own system to get experimental vaccines approved quicker  by using an “entity of excitement that’s not beholden to the bureaucratic strings and processes.” Looks like that entity was Covid-19. And they addressed the flu in a “disruptive way” by replacing it with Covid-19. (1 min 51 sec) Fauci will go down in history as a more corrupt serial killing communist maniac than Mao or Stalin. Note: The buzz word is 'disruptive'. You will find it in all documents related to Agenda 21.
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Pfizer Scientist Speaks Truth About Natural Immunity, Deletes LinkedIn Profile.

  Click Here for full story. Talking to an investigative journalist (apparently unaware of the camera), Pfizer scientists admit it all. Nicholas Karl, a scientist working for Pfizer says that if you have natural immunity against Covid19, you have more antibodies when compared to vaccines give you. He says Vaccine gives you antibodies only to the spike protein while natural immunity gives you antibodies to whole virus. Senior Associate Scientist (Pfizer) add, "We work for an evil corporation. Our organization runs on covid money." Soon after Nicholas deleted his LinkedIn page. Got fired? 

Covid Camps- Soon coming to your neighborhood.

 Listen to how she narrates it as some kind of lovely holiday resort... 'Quarantine facility.' Its practically a prison for more nefarious long term reasons beyond their short term purpose.  According to covid laws, anyone 'suspected' to be infected or 'in close contact' with an infected person is eligible for these 'quarantine facilities' so theres no limit or reason for whom they might pickup and throw into these camps. Remember folks. It's a highly dangerous Delta Variant... 😂  Location: Wellcamp, Queensland, Australia 🇦🇺 Such camps are being constructed all over the world.

Sustainable Development Goals- Truth vs Fiction.

 Agenda 21 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are sugar coated deadly poison. This is a pictoral attempt to expose the reality of SDGs. Governments all over the world on this Agenda 21, bringing humanity on verges of the most brutal slavery ever. Share it.

New Zealand's Byran Betty-Conflict of Interest.

 Dr Bryan Betty is responsible for denying the people of NZ the lifesaving right to prevent and treat Covid-19 with safe and effective drugs. He calls this "Horse-paste". This could well be seen as a crime against humanity. By the way he runs his own pharmaceutical based company . Wonder who is paying those "consultancy services"?

A Deliberate Attack on Critical Thinking: Dying of vaccination but blaming the unvaccinated.

All over the world and especially in Israel, vaccinated people have been seriously ill or dying of complications. But the unvaccinated people are being blamed for it. It has become a trend, a fashion. The ultra rich satanic global cult want people to be brainless idiots like this woman. She apparently died of the vaccination but blamed the unvaccinated people till her last breath.   Its not a coincidence that some people have degraded themselves to idiots and cretins. Its a deliberate psychological warfare the lords are waging on common people through the media and social media. By channeling people's thoughts into a group thinking and herd mindset, the media and social media easily manipulates thinking of majority of people. Only people who think above the group mentality and have a strong individual identity can withstand this psychological onslaught. Attack on independent and critical thinking. No wonder people believe it when the media says that there is a mysterious increase i